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At Barbell Brotherhood, it is more than just obtaining progress through training results, but also creating a supportive community to help others grow together, lift together, and learn together. Our services include Personal Training, Online Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, and Boot Camp Fitness Classes in Fredericksburg, VA.


Personal training offered with Barbell Brotherhood is the highest quality of individualization at affordable prices. After meeting with your trainer and discussing your short/long term goals, you are then part of a team to help you obtain your goals and achieve your potential.

Online Coaching

With online coaching, we go through the same level of short and long term goal setting, but then send individualized training programs with consistent interaction, engagement, and updates. No longer will you have to train and put in the work on your own, and feel as if you are not making substantial progress.

Strength and conditioning

Are you an athlete where explosive strength and power is the primary focus at the gym and on the field? Strength and Conditioning training with sport specific movements and applications in mind are a must! Barbell Brotherhood works to improve your performance on the field with our Strength and Conditioning Coach.

 Group fitness gPP Boot camps

Is your primary goal General Physical Preparedness or ‘GPP Training’? With the group fitness boot camps offered with Barbell Brotherhood you will increase general strength, endurance, agility and increase your overall athleticism. 


“Cody trained me for my first powerlifting competition. I had always programmed for myself and made progress, but under his coaching and programming I made significantly more progress and surpassed my goals for my competition day. His expertise in powerlifting technique and programming helped my squat form tremendously. The program he wrote was specifically tailored to my needs and abilities for each movement. I was very happy with the progress I made with his programming and coaching. I definitely do not think I would have been able to do as well as I did at my competition without his help. I felt very prepared for my competition with the highly specialized and specific training he gave me that was backed up by scientific principles. I would highly recommend his programming and coaching no matter what your experience level or goal is because of his knowledge of strength and conditioning, ability to bio-mechanically critique form to make the movements more efficient, application of scientific research based principles, specificity of training to the individual, and his passion for coaching. In my opinion, his pricing for training is a bargain considering the high level of programming and coaching. If you are unsure of how to program or want your programming and training to step up to the next level I would highly recommend being trained by Cody at Barbell Brotherhood.”

Nicole Wallace

“Training under Barbell Brotherhood’s head coach, Cody Kelly, was a great experience for myself! He went above and beyond to prepare me for my first powerlifting meet. I already had some training experience before getting coaching but my situation was a little special, I took almost two years off training completely before wanting to get back and do a meet 3 months later. He helped most of my lifts get to 95% of what they used to be at my peak prior and even got my deadlift up another 30 pounds!! Under the guidance, he kept up with dieting and training vlogs for form critiquing, was always readily available for questions, concerns, and changes. His coaching method is effective for all sports and activities, and easy to learn and follow along with the online-program. I would 10/10 recommend. “

Freddy Brito

After years of training without a complete understanding of what needed to be done to truly make the progress I desired. Then, I decided to leave the planning of my strength training to Barbell Brotherhood’s head coach, Cody Kelly, and within eleven weeks I added 160 pounds to my powerlifting total. By having Cody as a coach to create and adjust my training programming, correct my form and movement, and answer any of my questions it let me do what I do best and that is perform and improve as an athlete.”

Lukas giese



We believe that growing stronger together as a community and team is key to performance and improving one’s self. Barbell Brotherhood welcomes all too the team, from casual fitness enthusiasts to competitive athletes. Join the team and set a consultation for online coaching or personal training!


Cody Kelly

CEO / Head Strength & Conditioning Coach