We’ve Had Our Eye on Fashion for Years

Fashion Sensibility From One Generation to Another

With an eye for fashion and detail, we can provide you with the quality and styles you’re looking for, and the value you want and deserve. Fashion is an important part of how you look and feel, and we’ve been focused on fashion since the day we opened our doors. Our founders were fashion conscious, and this generation of owners feels the same way.

With a strong focus on the beauty that can be created from an outfit, a pattern, a design, or even an accent piece, we want you to get what you love and what will work for you. Our fashion offerings are always changing, so you will find something new and different each time you come to visit us. Come on in and see what’s new today!

Our purpose

Barbell Brotherhood’s purpose is to motivate, educate, and grow the community of strength training for any fitness journey. After founder, Cody Kelly, decided there needed to be a change in direction, priority, and duty with fitness establishments while realizing that big box commercial gyms purposely kept members and personal training clients left in the dark guessing and confused as they provided little to no guidance on fundamentals such as proper movement pattern mastery, nutrition protocols to best reach specific goals, or safe and effective implantation of exercise selections.

Our Goals

At Barbell Brotherhood, our goal is to improve the fitness and well-being of our friends, family, clients, and community to achieve their potential through strength training. 

Our Future

The future is bright for our company! We continue to grow and develop, and customers tell us what a good job we have done when they work with us to get what they want. We are expanding to offer more value and more options, which will give our customers even more reasons to come see us and appreciate all we have to offer to them. If you haven’t been in lately or this is your first time shopping with us, welcome! Come in, look around, and take this journey with us as we move into the future.