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personal training

Personal training offered with Barbell Brotherhood is the highest quality of individualization. After meeting with your trainer and discussing your short/long term goals you are then part of a team to help you obtain your goals and achieve your potential.

online coaching

With online coaching, we go through the same level of short and long term goal setting but then send individualized training programs with consistent interaction, engagement, and updates. No longer will you have to train and put in the work on your own but feel as if you are not making substantial progress.

group fitness gpp boot camps

Is your primary goal General Physical Preparedness or ‘GPP’ for short? With the group fitness boot camps offered with Barbell Brotherhood you will increase general strength, endurance, agility and increase your overall athleticism.


Are you an athlete where explosive strength and power is the primary focus at the gym or on the field? Strength and Conditioning training with sport specific movements and applications in mind are a must! Improve your performance on the field with our Strength and Conditioning Coach.